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I usually don't sing, but I did this a while back and I'm pretty proud of it. I'd appreciate any comments, even if you think it sounds horrible. I'd want to know. Thanks!


Have Faith In Me

2011-08-08 14:39:24 by joshylikes2smash

All instruments by me. Song by A Day To Remember.

This is the hardest song I've learned so far on drums. Tell me what you think.

My New YouTube Video

2011-06-04 00:02:40 by joshylikes2smash

I spent a long time doing this, maybe you guys will like it.

Help me out Newgrounds.

2011-04-18 14:51:52 by joshylikes2smash

Some free Microsoft points would be nice. osh924

The first one is just referrals, for the others you have to sign up under my link and do some offers. Don't think i'm scamming you because this benefits you also if you want free items.

In return, I give you a funny picture.

Help me out Newgrounds.

I BETTER get a birthday thread!


High School

2010-08-29 22:47:19 by joshylikes2smash

It starts tomorrow, I'm a little nervous. Any tips?

Level 10!

2010-07-27 17:57:24 by joshylikes2smash


Today, I have been on Newgrounds for 4 years. (6/9/06)

I love you NewGrounds, and will stay forever.

My channel is jomomma924.

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