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High School

2010-08-29 22:47:19 by joshylikes2smash

It starts tomorrow, I'm a little nervous. Any tips?


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2010-08-29 22:48:37

Find the toughest person in your school, then grab his ass.

joshylikes2smash responds:

You're funny.


2010-08-29 23:08:13

um don't do that, hang and stick with ya friends

joshylikes2smash responds:

One problem, I don't have any of my friends in my classes, guess I just gotta make new ones.


2010-08-29 23:57:24

Get involved.


2010-08-30 02:29:29

If you appear nervous or out of place, then they will usually go after you. Just be yourself and relax, as cliche as that sounds its true